Review: Stunt Truck 42059

I’m not the biggest fan of LEGO Technic sets, but I do like to purchase them once and awhile, as they have some nice designs, and they do have some interesting pieces. Although they are made up of only Technic parts, Technic pieces can be quite handy in different kinds of MOCs.

IMG_0467 The Stunt Truck starts off with an rather appealing box, that shows the ‘ramp’ that is included, and the “Pull Back” play function. It is one of those boxes that have the ‘thumb punch’ opening thing, and I do not prefer them. They are rather hard to open without damaging the box, but they aren’t the worst box type I’ve seen. IMG_0470Inside the box there are two unnumbered poly-bags, a cardboard/plastic ramp, the stickers, and the pullback motor. There aren’t too many stickers which is really nice, and the ones in the set aren’t that hard to apply. IMG_0473The contents of the smaller bag isn’t very interesting. Just a heap of Technic pieces. I believe the only System parts are two round 1X1 clear tiles, used as lights.IMG_0474The larger bag is similar to the first bag, except the pieces are larger. I really like the use of Dark Azure for the pieces that form the ‘shell.’ The tires are quite nice also, but they collect dust very quickly. IMG_0481Here you can see the ‘frame’ of the vehicle. It’s rather simple, but I like the use of the brown Technic rods used to connect the middle beams to the parts the axles attache to. IMG_0487And here’s the finished model! Please excuse the picture quality. I usually take pictures with natural lighting, but I made the mistake of taking the pictures in the evening. It would have been really cool if the LEGO Group had added suspension, even just in the rear, but it is still a nice looking vehicle. IMG_0491From the side you can really see how steep of an angle the pull-back motor forces it to be, but it gives it a more ‘aggressive’ look. One problem to note is if you try and make it do a jump, it nose dives and flips over, due to the raised rear. I really would have liked to see a windshield, but it’s Technic, so I guess they don’t do that. IMG_0818The ramp, once assembled, isn’t that bad, but I don’t like LEGO mixing different typed of plastic. I don’t even know what to call the stuff used to make the ramp! It’s kind of plastic, and sort of card board. Also, it doesn’t really seem to work as a jump, but that could be because of the vehicle, instead of the ramp. I’ll have to pick up the Stunt Bike (42058) and see how it works with the ramp, so I won’t call it a fail jut yet.

Overall, I think this is a great LEGO set. It isn’t too challenging to build, and in the end it is rather satisfying to display. The price isn’t too crazy for the piece count, so if you want it just for the parts, or for the sets entirety, I would recommend it!

Thank you very much for reading, and remember to check out some of my other reviews and comics!


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