The Forgotten Fortress

Hello everyone and welcome back!

Wow, it`s been quite awhile since my last post here. Anyway, I decided to share a little vignette I made the other day. Please excuse the lighting, as it is quite bad.

IMG_0945I don’t really like the way the trees turned out, and I definitely need to add some under-growth, but I think the actual castle/fort thingy turned out quite nice. The guys aren’t in focus because they aren’t supposed to be the center of the image.

IMG_0934Although it looks much better from farther away, the fort still looks quite nice, and I really like how the cracks turned out.

I also found that placing headlight bricks on their side really helps break up the monotony that often happens in castle walls.

Anyway, let me know what you think down below, and any tips/suggestions are much appreciated.



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