Electrical Outlets

Hello everyone and welcome back! Here is another comic I did recently. I got the inspiration for this one while rearranging my room today, as I found the lamp that almost killed me last year. Anyway, last year I was playing with that lamp, and it wasn’t working so I took the light-bulb off while it was plugged into the wall and turned on, and I stuck my finger into the place the light-bulb was supposed to be. I’ll just say it gave me a really good zap.

So, when I saw that lamp again today, I remembered my experience with it and decided to do a comic based off of what happened. (BTW, my grandpa is an electrician so I’ve heard lots of stories of people getting zapped)




I really hoped you guys enjoyed and make sure you let me know what you’d like to see for future posts down below in the comment section!


Thanks for reading!




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