Don’t Jump on Your Bed

Hello and welcome back! Here is a comic I did about not jumping on your bed. Parents are always telling there kids not to jump on their beds, and here's one of the reasons it isn't a good idea to jump on your bed. This probably wouldn't happen if you're still young, but it is … Continue reading Don’t Jump on Your Bed


Review: Rock Roader 70589

I recently picked up the Rock Roader from the local LEGO Store (six hour drive away,) and I decided I'd do a review on it. Unfortunately, my studio wasn't in working order, so you'll have to put up with the distracting background. When the Rock Roader was first released in August, I was undecided on … Continue reading Review: Rock Roader 70589

About Me

Welcome to Cornerbrick Comics! My name is Matt, and this is the place I will be posting LEGO comics, some MOCs and building tips, and the odd review. I'm a super huge fan of LEGO comics, so I decided to make a blog to share some of my comics with you guys! Inspiration and suggestions … Continue reading About Me