Review: 70589 Rock Roader

I recently picked up the Rock Roader from the local LEGO Store (six hour drive away,) and I decided I’d do a review on it. Unfortunately, my studio wasn’t in working order, so you’ll have to put up with the distracting background.

When the Rock Roader was first released in August, I was undecided on getting it, but then after my friend got it and I got a chance to check it out, I knew I had to buy it.

First off, the independent-suspension is amazing. It works very well, and I can see LEGO really made an effort to make it the best they could. img_0621 As you can see in the picture above, the movement of one wheel does not affect the other, unlike the Jungle Raider (70755.) One thing that concerns me is the durability of the rubber-bands used as the suspension. Last I checked, they aren’t available for purchase on LEGO’s Bricks And Pieces shopping site either.

img_0628Here’s a better view of the side, where you can see the rubber-bands better, and the small wheel used to activate the Six Shooter. One of the flaws I noticed is when the front suspension is fully compressed, the under-carriage drags, causing wear on the sliders.

img_0629In this picture you get a view of the back, where you can see the silver ‘drill’ that can be attached to the front. I found that the two ‘flags’ are quite secure, but the detachable turret thing will fall off very easily while playing with the Rock Roader. img_0630 Here you can kind of see how the ‘turret’ attaches. The two Plate 1X2 W/Horizontal Snap don’t actually clip into the Plate 1X2 W/Fork/ Vertical. They just kind of slip into place above the Plate W/Fork. img_0635The cockpit is quite nice; there is room enough for two minifigures, and the black gear actually doesn’t rub on the back of the minifugure. The stickers were rather easy to apply, and they look quite nice in my opinion.img_0637Here you can see how two minifigures fit. The cockpit closes nicely, and to my surprise, the second minifigure doesn’t have have the short legs.

The selection of minifigures is not the best. I don’t really like the two Stone Warriors due too their faces, but Lil’ Nelson and Cole aren’t to bad. I wasn’t able to photograph the minifigures, so I might as well end it here.

I really liked the vehicle itself, so even if you aren’t a huge Ninjago fan, I recommend you to buy this. I don’t watch the show that goes along with Ninjago so I don’t really know the background of this set, but the design is still awesome.

I give this set a 3/5. I would rate it higher, but I didn’t really like the minifigs, so I will leave it at that.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think down below!